Wednesday, July 05, 2006

HBO's Real Sex: 23

In addition to reviewing adult films, we enjoy watching the HBO specials entitled Real Sex. Periodically, we will post our opinions of these shows.

Episode 23:
Highlights the all gender strip show. Excellent idea, but the story comes off a bit flat. Nothing more than "look, a strip club with the opposite genders separated by a thin, opaque screen."

Masturbation Club:
Masturbation typically speaks to an individualized thing. Something you do alone. This "club" seems more like group sex, and/or swinging, without person to person penetration.

Le Gourment Sex Restaurant:
Private dinner club in Paris. The night starts with a great dinner and conversation, dancing, and for dessert, sex. We both think...Why can't this be legal in the US. It would be a lot of fun. I think we would like to go to Paris just to check this place out.

Coming Again:
Annie Sprinkle. She looks like such a fun person to hang out with. She has such an open opinion of sex that I think the world could probably learn something from her. This segment was also more entertaining than the other three segments.


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